Trends in Food Packaging 2016

There is so much in the world of food packaging that it can be very overwhelming. Literature is abundant and information comes out constantly about the newest and best things. After doing some research on the subject we at DasPac see some specific trends in the field.


Packaging is very simple and clear in recent years. This trend will continue. Easy readability with large and specific use with clear fonts.

OF THE PACKAGE:One large trend as explained on the website,, is design:

The designs of this year focus on shareability. Packaging is no longer simply about packaging the object—it is about the unboxing experience and art directing. This is where the process starts for designers today: you work backward from the Instagram image to the unboxing moment to the design that serves it. This too explains the shift towards basic design: large text spelling simple and straightforward messages, basic shapes making patterns in primary colors. Designers realize that packages are now billboard-like advertisements to be featured in photos and shared across social platforms. Thus, the benefit of a simple clear message stated in large bold letters gets repeated with every new viewer.

Design with on package advertising is being seen everywhere. Packages are used for storage, shipping, product information.


Another huge trend that has been around for years, and doesn’t have any end in site, is speed of delivery. With such a competitive market getting the new machines or films or supplies fast and efficient is mandatory. Efficient and done the right way the first time!


Everything can be bought online now. There is no one in the USA that does not have at least some way to use a computer. This has changed our market considerably. It makes it easy to compare items, prices, values, and services with a few key strokes. We at DasPac, Inc. have many databases full of machines and supplies and give honest and thorough advice to our clients and how they can best be served and by whom. But, we cannot deny that you can also check our recommendations online.

We are hoping in the next year to have our website fully automated. This will be a great way to integrate our wonderful customer service personal with the easy and convenience of the internet.

This year is shaping up to have many positive changes for us and we are excited for what the future holds.

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