A Bit About Bulk Packaging


What is bulk packaging?

Large quantities not yet put into individual, and usually decorated, packaging. Usually it is direct from the assembly line in this packaging.

Types of bulk packaging:

  • Shipping
  • Sacks
  • Drums,
  • Railcars
  • Tanks
  • Crates

The fall into two different categories:

  • Rigid
    • Hard Plastics
  • Flexible
    • These are made from fabric and sewn together
      • The flexible packaging market is estimated to be worth $351 billion dollars by 2018. This means it is quickly gaining and will surpass rigid packaging. The reasons will be discussed in a future post.

Difference between bulk packaging and retail packaging?

Retail packaging is made for displaying Bulk is mostly plain and  minimalist.


The very idea of having packaging for display, aka eye appeal, is that it looks good and can get noticed this inherently makes it more expensive than bulk packaging that has nothing on it to grab attention.

The cost is also, usually, less when items are bought in large quantities. This is do to having to use less materials. The word, BULK, lends itself to the consumer knowing there are several pieces of the product within the packaging.

Less Waste:

According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, the USA generates  a yearly amount of about 80 million tons of waste from packaging and containers. That is almost 1/3 of country’s municipal solid waste.


Especially in transportation, most bulk packaging can be used over and over. This makes for saving costs waste.

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