Robotics/Custom Engineering


DasPac protects your bottom line by designing and testing solutions that fit your needs. From design to system start up; our teams of industrial engineers have successfully fabricated one-of-a-kind custom engineered solutions for many types of manufacturing and distribution industry sectors.

DasPac clients have experienced more consistent product quality, predictable system stability, added safety, waste product prevention and greater production returns after integrating our customized systems.

Following installation, DasPac will train your employees and troubleshoot your system until it operates according to your custom design. With DasPac you will receive the performance expected with solutions you need, from blueprint through production.

We solve your packaging puzzle!

• Custom Designed

  • Equipment
  • Systems
  • End of Arm Tooling

• Consulting Services

• Material Handling

• Build to Print

• Systems Integration

• Installation

• Training

• Start Up