Packaging Films

DasPac’s twenty years of packaging knowledge adds value to the products we supply. Industry-earned experience enables DasPac to develop a complete understanding of your manufacturing process, which results in an exceptionally packaged product.

Modern product packaging req580-packaging-films-bags-pouches.pnguires a specialist’s expert attention. DasPac understands that each unique polymeric compound has particular physical and chemical properties which fashion the package to the application.

To supply the quality, cost effective plastics and films worthy of today’s manufacturing facilities, DasPac has partnered with reputable international and domestic manufacturers to ensure we meet your deadlines and exceed your production needs.

Does your product need a clear, protective overwrap? Have you considered a rich, colorful and eye-catching contoured sleeve? Do you need a pouch to seal in aroma and freshness? DasPac has your solution! We also offer a complete selection of custom-made poly bags just right for your specialty product.

Are you ready to experience something better? Let a DasPac specialist solve your packaging puzzle!