Packaging Equipment & Systems Integration

580-packaging-mach-sys-integ.pngDasPac specializes in fully automated shrink wrapping and shrink labeling systems. We also market pressure sensitive labeling equipment, case erectors, multi-packers, horizontal stretch wrappers, tape machines, palletizers, conveyors and systems integration applications.

DasPac’s goal is to anticipate the growing automation machinery needs of modern production facilities. Our aim is to develop and grow trusting long-term relationships with our clients to facilitate advancement and opportunity in the packaging & material handling sectors.

In addition to implementing your packaging solution, DasPac provides consultation services for third-party packaging systems integration. Our experience and industry knowledge enables DasPac to provide cost-effective consultatory project management. We achieve this goal by centralizing critical system information and organizing integrated machine communications.

Daspac has expertise in:

• Bagging

• Bundling

• Carton Erecting

• Case Erecting

• Conveying

• Inkjet

• Feeders

• Labeling

• Material Handling

• Palletizing

• Shrink Wrap

• Sleeving

• Stretch Wrap

• Taping

• Tray Forming

• Wrapping