About DasPac

Incorporated April of 2006.   cgs-web-placeholder

DasPac’s corporate values are cemented in a foundation of integrity and commitment to our clients, employees and shareholders.

DasPac’s agenda is to continually strive to create an open, honest and trustworthy team with our clients. This ensures DasPac’s accountability and responsibility for all corporate and social endeavors.

Our goal is to constantly create innovative initiatives that will drive our client’s business reputation and profits to a higher ground. And, for our employees to succeed both personally and professionally with a commitment to continually being able to adapt and diversify in all situations.

To bring packaging and material handling automation solution and information to America’s manufactures in the most effective and efficient manner so that they can grow and dominate the world market in their sector.

Continually create cutting edge packaging and material handling automation solutions that can provide the lowest possible total cost solution with the highest possible quality and service to manufactures, so that America’s products can continue to be the best and most cost efficient in the world.


  • Continually maintain DasPac’s corporate statements.
  • Continually strive to find new ways to bring value to our clients.
  • Keep current and consistent in growing knowledge, info and change in order to remain competitive in the growing market.
  • Keep our client informed about our organization and vendors throughout all available media.
  • Create a form for information exchange so that DasPac’s clients and vendors can collaborate better for a more rapid solution.
  • Provide for our potential clients and representatives a professional and informative entry into the DasPac formula for success.
  • Provide compensation so that our clients will receive the most personalized attention in our industry.